Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Sammut J

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112053 Surgeon–Lieutenant J J Sammut MD

Service Record — J J Sammut

Malta 1 Oct 1939 Emergency Commission Surgeon–Lieutenant Royal Malta Artillery.

Malta Apr 1940 Medical officer in charge Medical Inspection Room Tigné.

6 Apr 1940 No 7363863 Pte Hooker RAMC returned to 30 Coy RAMC from M I Room Tigné and was replaced by No 2763914 Pte E R Childs RAMC as orderly in charge of the treatment room.

17 May 1940 Handed over medical charge of Marsa AA position to Lt Henry James Dismorr RAMC.

27 May 1940 Handed over medical charge of M I Room Tigné to Lt John Ross Gallie RAMC.

28 May 1940 Took over medical charge of Troops Mellieha from Lt A E W Bernstein RAMC. Medical officer in charge RAP Marfa and Medical Aid Post Mellieha.

Malta 17 May 1940 Handed over AA Gun Position Marsa to officer in charge ADS Tarxien.

6 Sept 1940 S/Capt Mattei took over the Mellieha Sector while Surg/Lt J Sammut went on leave.

10 Sept 1940 Surg/Lt J J Sammut took over the ADS San Pawl Tat Targa while S/Capt Mattei went on leave.

Malta 1 Oct 1940 War Service Surgeon–Captain Royal Malta Artillery.

Malta Feb 1941 Attached to No 15th Field Ambulance. Officer-in-charge Medical Aid Post (MAP) Mellieha. A Regimental Aid Post was set up in a cave at Marfa which had been cleaned and had the floor levelled off.

1 feb 1941 Surgeon Lt RMA attached to 1st/KOMR HQ Coy Mellieha.

Malta 9 August 1941 Transferred from 15th Fld Amb to No 45 General Hospital.

Malta 1942 War Service Captain Royal Malta Artillery.

Malta 12 Mar 1943 Moved from No 45 GH to 2nd/KOMR.

Malta 26 to 28 Apr 1943 On the strength of 15th Fld Amb. Attended a course of Sanitation and Hygiene run by No 57 Fld Hygiene Section.

Malta 1944 War Service Captain Royal Malta Artillery. In May 1944, Surgeon Captain Sammut RMA left for Middle East Force as a trainee in ENT. He returned on 4 December 1944, as he was unlikely to be of service to the army in this capacity.

Malta 15 Apr 1945 Attached to 90 General Hospital Mtarfa as a General Duties Medical Officer. Posted to 11 HAA Regt RMA.

Malta 19 Aug 1945 Temporarily in charge of Command Convalescent Depôt Ghajn Tuffieha during the absence on leave of T/Major P McBennett.

Malta 3 Oct 1945 Relinquished command of the Convalescent Depôt on the returned form leave of Major P McBennett RAMC.

Malta 20 Nov 1945 Convalescent Depôt shut down and the unit was disbanded.

Malta Mar 1946 Taken on the strength of 90 General Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 19 Mar 1946 Transferred to x (viii) (a) list A and D Centre on release from service.