Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Winnicki Christopher

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Purveyor Clerk Christopher Winnicki
5 Sep 1766 – 14 Nov 1857

Service Record — Christopher Winnicki

25 Sept 1797 Purveyor Clerk.

1801 Served in the Egyptian Campaign.

Contracted plague while on duty at the Pest Hospital at Aboukir, where he remained till his embarkation for Malta in Sept 1801.

Malta Sept 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

24 June 1802 Deputy Purveyor.

Malta 24 Sept 1802 Left for England.

3 Aug 1802 Placed on half-pay after the Peace of Amiens.
Medical officers were eligible to the half-pay of their rank if they had completed 3 years Foreign Service or five years Home Service.

25 Sept 1803 Returned to full-pay at the start of the Napoleonic Wars.

1812–14 Served in the Peninsular War.

25 Dec 1814 Retired.


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