Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
West Henry

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Hospital Mate Henry West
15 June 1779 – ?

Service Record — Henry West

4 Oct 1799 Hospital Mate.
Served in Holland on the Helder Campaign of Aug–Oct 1799 under Lieutenant–General Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and under the overall command of HRH Frederick, Duke of York.

25 Aug 1800 Present with Lieutenant General Sir James Pulteney's army, in the unsuccessful British attempt to capture Ferrol, when the Corps of Riflemen saw action for the first time.

Malta 16 Oct 1800 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 21 Dec 1800 Left for Asia Minor on Abercrombie's Expedition to Egypt.

2 Mar 1801–15 Feb 1802 Served in the Egyptian Campaign.

2 Mar 1801 Part of the medical staff at Aboukir. Hospital Mate attached to 2nd/Royals.

8 Mar Present at the landing at Aboukir, and in the general action against the French of 13 March and 21 March 1801.

21 Mar During the assault of the French on British lines, he was the only medical officer on duty with the 2nd/Royals, or 1st Foot, as assistant surgeon Charles Fergusson Forbes, 2nd/1st Foot, was sick at Rhodes, and Surgeon Richard Chaloner Cobbe, 2nd/1st Foot, was absent on leave in England.

4 May 1801 Appointed by Inspector General Thomas Young, to superintend the plague hospital at Rosetta, where he served for four months. Plague broke out at Aboukir and Rosetta between May and August 1801, and in the Chasseurs Britanniques in Nov 1802.

24 June Assistant Surgeon 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot.

27 June Surrender of Cairo.

1 Sep 1801 Capture of Alexandria, and withdrawal of British Troops to Malta. Hospital Mate West, however, served with the garrison at Alexandria until 15 February 1802.

Malta 1802 Assistant Surgeon 58th Foot.

Malta 4 May 1805–15 Jan 1806 Served at Malta and on Sir James Craig's Expedition to Naples.

Malta 15 July 1805 Appointed in General Orders at Malta, Surgeon to a Brigade of Light Infantry commanded by Col Sir James Kempt.

16 Jan 1806–20 May 1812 Served with the Army in Sicily.

4 July 1806 Present at the Battle of Maida, as surgeon of the Light Infantry Brigade under Colonel Sir James Kempt.

25 Nov 1806 Surgeon 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot.

1812–1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

6 Oct 1825 Surgeon 10th Dragoons.

25 May 1828 Retired to half-pay.


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