Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Van Millingen John Gideon

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Hospital Mate John Gideon Van Millingen MD (St And 1812)
8 Sep 1782 [Westminster] – 1862 [London]

Service Record — John Gideon Van Millingen

8 Sept 1782 Born at Westminster – Son of a Dutch Merchant.

14 July 1789 French Revolution. In Paris studying medicine during the revolution.

9 Sept 1800 Hospital Mate.

June 1801–Feb 1802 Served in the Mediterranean.

Malta Nov 1801 Arrived from Egypt.

27 Jan 1802 Assistant Surgeon 97th (Queen's Germans) Regiment.

Malta Feb 1802 Left Malta.

17 Nov 1809 Surgeon 31st (Huntingdonshire) Foot.

26 May 1814 Surgeon Staff.

1808–1814 Served in the Peninsular War.

1815 Served at Waterloo.

1819 On the instructions of the Director General James McGrigor, compiled the first official Army Medical Officer's Manual upon Active Service, which was published in 1819.

9 Oct 1823 Retired.

1836 Resident in Bedford Street London.

1838–1839 Resident Physician and Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum Hanwell, County of Middlesex. Was also part owner of the York House Asylum, Battersea.

Author of:

  • Curiosities of Medical Experience, two Vols, London 1837.
  • The Passions, or Mind and Matter. Illustrated by Considerations on Hereditary Insanity, London 1848.
  • 1782-1862. The history of duelling; including, narratives of the most remarkable personal encounters that have taken place from the earliest period to the present time.


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