Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Rolston Thomas

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Staff Assistant Surgeon Thomas Rolston
? – 31 Aug 1826 [Malta]

Service Record — Thomas Rolston

20 Apr 1810 Appointed Hospital Mate.

29 Oct 1812 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 10th (North Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot on the resignation of Assistant Surgeon David W B Pearse 10th Foot.

7 Aug 1813 Wounded in the Peninsular War. While attending the wounded at Tarragona, had his left foot and part of his leg blown away by a cannon ball. He was granted a war pension of £50 commencing on 8 August 1814.

5 May 1814 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

29 Mar 1821 Birth of a son William T Rolston who died from cholera on 31 March 1857 in Bangalore.

Malta 13 June 1826 Birth of a son Thomas Ross Rolston to Assistant Surgeon to the Forces Thomas Rolston and his wife Susan. Thomas Ross died at Gibraltar on 11 January 1827, aged 7 months.

31 Aug 1826 Death of Assistant Surgeon to the Forces Thomas Rolston at Valletta Malta.