Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Paynter Joshua

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Inspector General Joshua Paynter CB (1871)
12 Feb 1814 – 19 June 1883 [Tenby]

Service Record — Joshua Paynter

11 Jan 1839 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon, vice Staff Assistant Surgeon George Roche Smith, who was promoted Assistant Surgeon 65th Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon John Miller, who became Surgeon 66th Foot.

7 June 1839 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 60th (The King's Royal Rifle Corps), vice Assistant Surgeon Peter Lamond who became Surgeon 60th Regt. The vacancy on the Staff was filled by Gentleman Thomas Rose Dyce.

20 Oct 1840 Assistant Surgeon 1st/The Rifle Brigade.

Malta 10 Nov 1840 Arrived at Malta. On duty with the Service Companies.

Malta 3 Aug-Oct 1841 On leave on private affairs.

Malta 1842 Assistant Surgeon Rifle Brigade.

Malta 30 Mar 1843 Left for the Ionian Islands.

Apr 1846–May 1847 Served in the 7th Kaffir War, also known as the War of the Axe.

11 Feb 1848 Surgeon 73rd Regiment of Foot.

6 Oct 1848 Surgeon 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot.

16 Aug 1850 Surgeon the 13th Dragoons.

9 Feb 1855 Staff Surgeon 1st Class. Served in the Crimean War.

31 July 1857 Reduced to half-pay.

9 Apr 1858 Restored to full-pay as Staff Surgeon 1st Class and attached to 19th Foot.

2 Mar 1858 Awarded by the Sultan the Imperial Order of the Medjidie (5th Class) for his distinguished services before the enemy during the war against Russia.

31 Dec 1858 Deputy Inspector General.

7 Oct 1862 In a reply to a survey by the Royal College of Physicians of London, re the presence of Leprosy in the Mediterranean stations, Deputy Inspector of Hospitals Gibraltar J. Paynter replied to Captain S. Freeling, Colonial Secretary, that he had not seen a case of leprosy during his Service in Gibraltar since 1859.

4 Sept 1867 Inspector General.

Malta 13 Nov 1867 Arrived at Malta as PMO.

Malta 1868 Inspector General.

Malta 1869 Inspector General. On duty at Valletta.

Malta 1870 On duty at Valletta.

Malta 1871 Member of the Malta Board Of Health.

Residence On duty at Valletta. Resident at 15 Strada Mezzodi Valletta.

20 May 1871 Elected Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB military).

Malta 30 June 1872 Left Malta for England.

19 Oct 1872 Retired.

19 June 1883 Died in Tenby from heart disease and dropsy.


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