David Bruce Naval Hospital Mtarfa

Staff Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
McNiece Henry

Assistant Surgeon Henry McNiece LRCS LM (Edin 1853)
11 Apr 1831 [Ballymena Co Antrim] – June 1906 [Carshalton]

6 Nov 1855–5 Sept 1856 Acting Assistant Surgeon 2nd/3rd (East Kent-The Buffs) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 7 Dec 1855 Acting Staff Assistant Surgeon. Arrived from England.

Malta 22 Aug 1856 Returned to England.

5 Sept 1856 Ceased doing duty, his services being no longer required.

2nd/3rd Assistant Surgeon (East Kent-The Buffs) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 12 May 1858 Returned to Malta.

Malta 1859 On duty with his regiment.

Malta 9 Dec 1860 To England.

12 Jan 1861 PMO Malta stated that he was "A good professional officer".

12 Jan 1861 PMO Chatham reported that he "Has been for a short time at Chatham, appears efficient and zealous".

Malta 11 July 1861 Returned to Malta.

Malta 5 Nov 1861 Dismissed the Service by sentence of a General Court-Martial.

Settled in Carshalton where he practiced for 45 years. He remained a bachelor.


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