Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Humfrey William Charles

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Inspector General of Hospitals William Charles Humfrey BA (Dubl 1822)
1802 [County Carlow] – 29 Apr 1862 [Malta]

Service Record — William Charles Humfrey

10 Jan 1826 Hospital Assistant.

18 Jan 1827 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 35th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot, vice Assistant Surgeon James Crichton who died on the Coast of Africa on 20 Sept 1826.

19 Nov 1830 Promoted Assistant Surgeon 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon Richard Noble Starr who retired from the service. Presumably this appointment did not take place.

10 July 1831 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot. His vacancy in 35th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Andrew Halliday Hall on 19 July 1831. Assistant Surgeon Alexander Callender 91st Foot became Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Andrew Halliday Hall.

26 Oct 1832 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 94th Foot vice Assistant Surgeon George Bagnell Woods who retired to half-pay on 1 Sept 1832. Woods died on 15 Oct 1832. The vacancy in 95th Foot was filled by Gentleman Charles Stewart Still, newly commissioned in Oct 1832. On 13 Nov 1832, the War Office cancelled Humfrey's posting from the 95th to the 94th Foot.

29 Apr 1836 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 85th (Bucks Volunteers) (King's Light Infantry) Regiment. The vacancy created in the 95th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Duncan Affleck. The vacancy on the Staff left by the promotion of Affleck, was filled by Gentleman Thomas Graham Balfour who was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon.

2 July 1841 Surgeon Staff 2nd Class.

14 Mar 1851 Surgeon Staff 1st Class.

15 Aug 1854 Deputy Inspector General.

31 Dec 1858 Inspector General.

Malta 29 Apr 1862 Died at Malta of intermittent fever. His two orphaned children received financial contributions from the Army Medical Officers Benevolent Fund.