Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Hume Thomas David

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Inspector General Thomas David Hume
24 Sep 1808 – 16 Mar 1888 [Southsea]

Service Record — Thomas David Hume

26 Oct 1826 Hospital Assistant.

11 Oct 1827 Assistant Surgeon 84th (York and Lancaster) Regiment of Foot.

28 Nov 1834 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 43rd (Monmouthshire Light Infantry) Regiment vice Assistant Surgeon Michele Galeani who became surgeon 28th Foot. The vacancy in 84th Foot was filled by Gentleman Alexander Black who was commissioned assistant surgeon.

2 July 1841 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.

14 June 1842 Appointed Surgeon 82nd (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) Regiment of Foot, through exchange with Surgeon George Allman.

26 Nov 1852 Promoted Staff Surgeon of the 1st Class vice George Home who retired upon half-pay. The vacancy in 82nd Foot was filled by Staff Surgeon of the Second Class William Ord Mackenzie MD who became surgeon. In his turn, Assistant Surgeon Cosmo Gordon Logie 6th Dragoons became Staff Surgeon of the Second Class vice Mackenzie.

29 June 1855 Deputy Inspector–General.

Served in the Crimea. Present at the siege of Sebastopol. Was Principal Medical Officer of the 3rd Division during the winter of 1855, and afterwards of the 4th Division until the end of the war.

2 Mar 1858 Awarded by the Sultan the Imperial Order of the Medjidie (5th Class) for his distinguished services before the enemy during the war against Russia.

31 Dec 1861 Promoted Inspector–General, on the retirement to half-pay of Inspector General John Forrest.

Malta 4 July 1862 Arrived from England.

Oct 1862 On Hume's recommendation, a large mess hut and two adjacent smaller ones on the Crown Works at Floriana, were converted into a Special Female hospital for the garrison with 14 beds. Hume improved the conditions of married soldiers in the garrison.

Malta 1863 Inspector General.

Malta 1864 Inspector General.

Malta 22 Apr 1865 Member of a Special Board of Enquiry set up by Government to enquire into the cause of a fever at Zejtun. Other members of the Board were Dr Engerer, Dr A Ghio, Dr S L Pisani, and Inspector of Hospitals Matthew Thomas Patrick. The Board concluded that the fever at Zejtun which lasted from January to April was typhus fever.

20 June 1865 Left Malta.

1 Oct 1865 Retired to half-pay.

16 Mar 1888 Died at Gladstone House, Southsea aged 80 years.


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