Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Hopkins Radford John

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Hospital Mate John Hopkins Radford
31 Mar 1764 – 28 June 1848 [Malta]

Service Record — John Hopkins Radford

1784 Regimental Mate

8 Feb 1800 Hospital Mate

21 Dec 1800 Left for Egypt on Abercrombie's expedition

22 Mar 1801 Escorted two officers and 40 wounded men to Rhodes, and returned to Egypt with convalescents

4 June 1801 Accompanied 104 wounded soldiers and one badly injured officer, and with no other medical assistance took sole care of them during the 5 weeks passage to Malta. He then attended at the Military Hospital Valletta until Sept 1801.

Malta 20 Dec 1801 Left Malta, Accompanied 6 officers and 114 invalids to the York Military Hospital Chelsea.