Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Elliott James

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Hospital Mate James Elliott
1779 – 4 Oct 1843 [Montreal]

Service Record — James Elliott

23 May 1801 Hospital Mate.

23 May 1801–31 July 1801 In England.

Malta 1 Aug 1801 Arrived from England.

Nov 1801 Left Malta for plague service in Egypt.

Malta 1802 On the strength of the Malta garrison.

Malta Jan 1803 Sailed for Egypt to form part of the garrison at Alexandria which was withdrawn on 27 Mar 1803.

Malta July 1804 Hospital Mate attached to The Royal Corsican Regiment.

Malta 1805 Hospital Mate attached to Royal Corsican Regiment.

Malta 12 Apr 1805 Assistant Surgeon The Royal Corsican Rangers.

1 June 1809 Surgeon 82nd (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) Regiment of Foot.

14 Oct 1813 Staff Surgeon.

3 Nov 1813–24 May 1817 Served at Malta, Italy, and Sicily.

Malta 3 Nov 1813 Embarked for plague duty at Malta.

Malta Feb 1814 Left to join Lord William Bentinck's expedition to Italy. Returned to Malta 11 Mar as the Board of Health in Sicily would not allow him to perform quarantine there.

Apr 1814 Left Malta.

Malta June 1815 Returned to Malta.

Malta June 1816 On garrison duty at Cottonera.

Malta 24 May 1817 Returned to England.

25 June 1817 Reduced to half-pay.

28 Sept 1820 On full-pay.

29 Jan 1841 Deputy Inspector General.