Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Barnes Raglan Wykeham

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Surgeon Major Raglan Wykeham Barnes
29 Sep 1854 [Aylesford] – 6 Sept 1914 [Dorchester]

Service Record — Raglan Wykeham Barnes

6 Mar 1880 Surgeon.

Nov 1888 Served in the Bombay command. Was ordered to do general duty in the Pooma District.

6 Mar 1892 Surgeon Major.

Malta 28 Jan 1898 Struck off the strength of the Home District on embarking for service in Egypt.

1898 Served in the Sudan. Present at the Battle of Omdurman.

6 Mar 1900 Lieutenant Colonel.

1899–1900 Served in South Africa.

8 June 1900 Served in operations in Cape Colony and Orange River Colony. Was granted local rank of Colonel whilst in charge of a General Hospital in South Africa.

17 Nov 1900 Retired.

1906 Re-employed at Dorchester while on the retired list.


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