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Tippets Alfred Malpas

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349 Brigade Surgeon Alfred Malpas Tippets MRCS (Eng 1853)
5 Apr 1832 [London] – 16 Aug 1904 [Southsea]


Brigade Surgeon Alfred Malpas Tippets was the son of James Berriman Tippetts, solicitor of London and a grandson of Obediah Tippetts of London, a weaver.

He qualified MRCS in 1853 and entered the Army Medical Department as an Assistant Surgeon on 7 April 1854.

He served with the with the 7th (Royal) Fusiliers throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854–1855 including the affair of Bulganac, the Battles of Alma, Inkerman, and in the Siege of Sebastopol.

He received the Crimea Medal with three clasps and the Turkish Medal.

Brigade Surgeon Alfred Malpas Tippets also served in the Second Afghan War of 1878–1880. He was present on both the Bazaar and Hissarik Expeditions, when he was mentioned in despatches and received the Afghan War Medal.

Service Record — Alfred Malpas Tippets

7 Apr 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

28 Apr 1854 Assistant Surgeon 7th (Royal Fusiliers).

Served in the Crimean War.

29 June 1855 Assistant Surgeon 16th Light Dragoons.

2 Nov 1855 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1856–1859 Served in the West Indies.

1860–1861 At Winchester.

1861–1864 At Bengal.

18 Oct 1864 Staff Surgeon.

1864–1865 At Ceylon.

1866 At Athlone.

15 June 1866 Exchanged with Surgeon William Kilner Swettenham 1st/Northumberland Fusiliers Regiment of Foot. Served as their medical officer until March 1878 when he moved on to the Staff at Bengal.

1870 Married Mary Isabella de Courcy daughter of Col Charles Deacon CB 46th Regiment.

7 Apr 1874 Surgeon Major.

1878–1879 At Bengal. Served with the 2nd Division Peshawar Valley Field Force, Second Afghan War as the Temporary Principal Medical Officer. He received special praise in General Order HQ Simla, dated 14 October 1879. He accompanied the expedition into the Bazaar and Hissarik Valleys.

1880–1881 Served at York.
Birth of a daughter, Clarice Imogene.

25 Aug 1880 Brigade Surgeon.

Malta 13 Aug 1882 Arrived from Southampton in the twin-screw SSTower Hill to set up a hospital at Gozo.

The idea of a Base Hospital, surgical and medical, at Gozo and Cyprus respectively during the Egyptian Campaign of 1882, was entertained as early as July. Some of the medical staff for the hospital at Gozo left Southampton on 4 August arriving at Malta on 13 August. Brigade-Surgeon Tippetts was in charge of the Base Hospital at Gozo. His second in command was Surgeon-Major Fitzgerald Edmund Maurice Downing.

By the 23 August, the Commissariat Staff under a Sergeant with stores and four nursing sisters moved to Fort Chambray Gozo, which was adapted as a hospital. Five medical officers including an apothecary and a subaltern from the Durham Light Infantry commanding a detachment for guard were located in the former Governor's house, which had been unoccupied since the abolition of that appointment. This was adapted as a small mess and officer's quarters. Mgarr Harbour Gozo served as a landing for small boats and farther out to sea afforded anchorage for the old Indian troopships, two of which put in at different times in September with wounded from Egypt.

With the collapse of Arabi's army at Tel-el-Kebir only two batches of wounded with less than a 100 men had arrived at Gozo. The role of the medical staff at Gozo was limited to the care and surgical treatment of the wounded which arrived in September 1882. On 10 November the convalescents were discharged and the hospital demobilised. The medical and nursing sisters and stores were dispatched to Egypt, to take part in the aftermath of the war at the large base and General Hospital near Cairo and Alexandria.

18 Nov 1882 Left for Egypt. On arrival at Alexandria on 23 November, the personnel of the Gozo Hospital were dispersed.

20 Nov 1884 Promoted Deputy-Surgeon General vice Deputy-Surgeon General Henry Bolton Hassard CB who became Surgeon General.

27 Dec 1891 Surgeon-Major General.

5 Apr 1892 Retired.

16 Aug 1904 Lived at 14 St Andrew's Road Southsea. Died at Southsea.


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