David Bruce Naval Hospital Mtarfa

Regimental Surgeons of the Malta Garrison
Taylor Arthur Henry

Assistant Surgeon Arthur Henry Taylor
17 June 1830 [Belfast] – 20 Aug 1859 [Chelsea Hospital]


Map of the south of he Crimea




Siege of Sebastopol

26 May 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

Oct 1854 Served in the Crimean War. Was present at Inkerman and the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

23 May 1855 Assistant Surgeon Ordnance Medical Department.

Malta 4 Oct 1856 Arrived from England.

Awarded The Legion of Honour from the Emperor of the French for his services in the War against Russia - (Gazette 4 Aug 1856).

Malta 19 Mar 1857 Left for England.

26 Oct 1858 Appointed Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Francis Holton, promoted to the Staff. The vacancy in the Royal Artillery was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon John Robinson.

1858 Assistant Surgeon Royal Hospital Chelsea.

20 Aug 1859 Died at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.


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