The Royal Army Medical Corps
And the Malta Garrison

The Malta Garrison – 1927


Army Nursing

In 1927, all the various Queen Alexandra's nursing services were amalgamated into a homogeneous whole. The administration of the service and its reserve became the responsibility of a branch in the Directorate of Army Medical Services (AMD 4).

In Jan 1927, Sister Miss P.M.D Sowter QAIMNS and in March 1927 Matron P Steele were posted to Malta

On 16 Sep 1826, Miss Lydia Hardement late Matron QAIMNS died at the Spring Pension Hospital Hanwell. Miss Hardement had joined the Army Nursing Service in Dec 1885 and was promoted matron QAIMNS in Feb 1903. She retired on 1 Apr 1907. She had served in Malta and South Africa.

Mtarfa Military Hospital

In 1927, the title Station Hospital was replaced with that of Military Hospital. Mtarfa Military Hospital had accommodation for six officers and 190 other ranks. However, it was under used and by 1927, only six beds were equipped for officers and 119 beds for the other ranks (Hansard 23 Feb 1927).

30 Coy RAMC Malta

People we know appeared in the Royal Army Medical Corps News Vol 1, No 8 of Feb 1927:

He was only a young GDO
A man of the Corps we all know
With sisters in sight
He would work with a might
And make faces at every NO.

He was only a Clerk, Class Three
And hot with a pen you'll agree
Most efficient at typing
And also pen wiping
But you ought to see him make tea.

He was only a Cook Class Two
And never put meat in a stew
He could make a Rock cake
That produced tummy ache
And soup that was good for the flu.

He was only a young NO One
Who did all his work on the run
He never felt tired
Whenever required
He was there like a shot from a gun.

The history of Malta we all can tell
The Major points we know quite well.

He was one of the lads of the Lab
And old microbe he'd nab
But he gave us the pip
With his positive "Dip"
And drove the Chief Ward Master mad.

An Ambulance passing through Attard
Blew up - and the patients were scattered.
They, little the worse
Proceeded to curse
At the driver all bleeding and battered.

A maiden of Casal Balzan
fell in love with a practical man
Though baker by trade
He actually made
The summer house into a van.

One – due at the dentist's at noon
Motored recklessly into Hamrun
He derailed a big tram
Bumped three  goats and a pram
And arrived ten minutes too soon.

A soldier drove off to Zabbar
With a jolly young girl in a car
And sorry to state
They stayed rather late
So now he goes out with her Ma.