Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison – 1834

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Malta Garrison – 1834

Malta Garrison

The strength of the garrison on 31 Dec 1834 was 101 officers and 2,536 men.

In 1834, Publius writing in the United Service Journal remarked on the dullness of the garrison.

In one respect Malta has changed, a change regretted by all, and yet none of us attempted to remedy it; I allude to the dullness of its society, as far at least as regards amusements. It is true that in winter we still have a few balls and soirees, but yet they are but very few, when compared to the number which were given a few years back. The spirit of gaiety, has in short, abandoned this little military hot house. We have an Italian opera, but nobody attends it, and the poor impresario is all but ruined in consequence. The soldiers of the 7th Fusiliers, however, got up a play some nights back, and their example has been followed in two instances, one by the privates of the Artillery, 73rd and 94th, and at another time by the men of HMS Barham. The officers of the garrison are also going to act and are busy in rehearsing the Heir at Law, Tom Thumb etc. A ball was given a fortnight ago by the United Service at the Club.

Burials and Baptisms 1834

  • 17 Jan: Able Seaman Charles Irimy 30 years, HM Steamer Meteor.
  • 9 Feb: Purser A. Brown HMS Talavera.
  • 9 Feb: Pte Marine John Sawyer HMS Talavera.
  • 12 Feb: William Williams HMS Malabar.
  • 16 Mar: Master Hugh C. Haswell 32 years, HMS Scout.
  • 24 Mar: Able Seaman John Morrison HMS Talavera.
  • 1 Apr: Richard Woodger HMS Caledonia.
  • 24 May: Able Seaman R. Webster HMS Alfred.
  • 25 May: Surgeon Peter Marshall MD 29 years, HMS Actaeon.
  • 10 June: Pte Marine David Windybank HMS Caledonia.
  • 24 June: Lt John StJohn 36 years Royal Navy.
  • 17 July: Capt's Steward John Hopgood HMS Tyne.
  • 18 Oct: Caroline Rayside aged 41 years, wife of Barrack Sgt James Rayside.
  • 27 Oct: Capt's Cook John Richards HMS Beacon.
  • 31 Oct: John Hom HMS Caledonia.
  • 31 Oct: Catherine Cleverdon aged 45 years, HMS Volage died in the Civil Hospital.
  • 18 Nov: Able Seaman George Stevens HMS Thunderer.
  • 21 Dec: Pte Marine James Worrall HMS Thunderer.
  • 24 Dec: Seaman Robert Beaver HMS Caledonia.

Josephina Melita Richardson born on 16 Jan 1834, daughter of Benjamin Richardson, clerk in the Army Medical Department and of Sarah his wife was baptised on 6 Feb by Archdeacon John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier Chaplain to the Forces.



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