Medical Officers
Of the Malta Garrison – 1832

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Malta Garrison – 1832

Malta Garrison

On 24 Feb 1832, Sir Howard Elphinstone RE was sworn in as Acting Lieutenant Governor and Commander of the Garrison. During the Governor's absence from Malta, it was standard procedure for senior military officers to temporary take over the administration of the island.

On 5 Mar, Sir Frederick Cavendish Ponsonby, resumed his duties as Lieutenant Governor and Commander of the Malta Garrison.

As a result of the outbreak of cholera in England, the Board of Health in Malta directed that all vessels arriving from a port in England were to enter quarantine for 10 days. The hammocks and clothing of the crew and passengers were to be aired on deck and the hold and cabins fumigated.

Marriages 1832

  • 17 Mar Bachelor Charles William Dodd of the Parish of St Margaret, Westminster, Chaplain of HMS Madagascar, married Hester Louisa David, spinster daughter of John and Louisa David, born and residing in Malta.

Baptisms 1832

  • 11 Apr Michael George Balneavis, born on 3 March 1832, son of Lt Col and Town Major Henry Balneavis and his wife Georgina was privately baptised by Archdeacon John Thomas Howe Le Mesurier, Chaplain to the Forces.

Burials 1832

  • 15 Jan: William Richardson 2 years, son of W. Richardson, Medical Department.
  • 21 Jan: Pte Marine Joseph Pratt 23 years, HMS Ganges.
  • 23 Jan: James Baker 38 years, HMS Alfred.
  • 8 Feb: Pte Marine Henry Golding 25 years, HMS Donegal.
  • 10 Mar: Mate John H. Dance HMS Alfred.
  • 2 Apr: Purser John Barber 45 years, HMS Scylla.
  • 12 Oct: QM Robert Porter HMS Scylla.
  • 16 Nov: Ordinary John Hawkins HMS St Vincent.
  • 29 Dec: Able Seaman Henry Ellis 22 years, HMS Barham.



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