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Of the Malta Garrison – 1831

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Malta Garrison – 1831

Malta Garrison

The strength of the garrison on 1 June 1831 was 2,395 men.

From 1831, soldiers received a daily monetary allowance, instead of the ration of wine drawn from the commissariat.

Burials 1831

  • 30 Jan: Able Seaman William Jackson 29 years, HMS Madagascar.
  • 24 Feb: Able Seaman William Walker HMS Britannia.
  • 26 Feb: William Cundell 45 years, Assistant Commissary General.
  • 4 Mar: Seaman William Martins died in the Civil Hospital.
  • 28 Mar: Sup Clerk William Hammond HMS Britannia.
  • 1 May: George McJones 46 years, Capt in the Royal Navy.
  • 17 May: Thomas Douglas Eshelby Surgeon of HMS Scylla, aged 28 years.
  • 20 May: Seaman John Thompson HMS Kent.
  • 5 June: A. Peacock 32 years, HMS Britannia.
  • 10 June: George T. Hasty 18 years, HMS Rattlesnake.
  • 27 June: Charles Betts 3 months, son of William Betts.
  • 3 July: Seaman E. Simons HMS St Vincent.
  • 29 June: Marine M. Miles HMS Melville.
  • 15 July: Seaman Samuel Herald 28 years, HMS St Vincent.
  • 24 July: Seaman Thomas Jacobs 26 years, HMS St Vincent.
  • 26 July: Seaman John Bell HMS St Vincent.
  • 9 Aug: Joseph William Kerly 18 months, son of J. Kerly Pensioner 35th Regt.
  • 2 Aug: Seaman Thomas Turner HMS Ganges died of wounds sustained in an accident.
  • 23 Aug: Cecilia A. Telfer 4 years, daughter of B. H. Telfer Esq of HM Com..
  • 23 Sept: Seaman James Williams 23 years, HMS St Vincent.
  • 30 Sept: Andrew Grimes 20 days son of James and Mary Grimes.
  • 8 Oct: Marine John Elliott HMS Madagascar.
  • 8 Oct: Seaman Ludwick Lange HMS Alban.......
  • 11 Oct: Capt James Baker RM HMS Actaeon interred in the Lazaretto.
  • 30 Oct: John Hamilton HMS St Vincent.
  • 30 Oct: Michael Grimes 14 months son of James and Mary Grimes.
  • 3 Nov: Seaman Joshua Morris HMS Cordelia.
  • 28 Nov: Seaman Thomas Thompson HMS Donegal.
  • 12 Dec: Seaman William Millichass HMS St Vincent.
  • 30 Dec: Seaman Lewis Vincent 42 years, HMS St Vincent.

Criminal Code

In 1831, a legal commission of five Maltese layers was set up to compile a criminal code and a code of criminal procedure for the Island of Malta and its Dependencies.

The commissioners were instructed to base their work on the report drawn up in 1826 by the English Judge Sir J. Richardson. The Neapolitan Code, promulgated in 1819 in the Kingdom of the two Sicilies and based on the reformed French Code was adopted as a model.

In 1836 the first draft code of penal laws were published, and promulgated in 1854.


In 1831 the Governor was informed of the continued progress of cholera from the eastern parts of the world, to the ports in the Baltic. He was made aware that cholera was highly contagious, and must therefore be met by all those precautions which were considered necessary against plague. Every possible sanitary measure had to be adopted to prevent its introduction into the Maltese islands.

We have to guard against it not only from the north and west, but more particularly from the east, for cholera has latterly shown itself on board of vessels at Constantinople and it now rages on shore at Odessa, Varna and several other places on the Black Sea. It has even appeared on the shores of the Adriatic at Trieste.



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