Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Robertson Edward

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Surgeon Edward Robertson MD (Ed 1834)
? – 15 June 1853 [Dublin]

Service Record — Edward Robertson

11 Aug 1837 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1 Sept 1837 Exchanged with Assistant Surgeon David Edward 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot.

18 Sept 1846 Surgeon 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot.

Malta 11 Apr 1848 Surgeon 44th Foot.
Arrived on 8 May 1848. Supported the PMO James Miranda Barry in maintaining that the outbreak of diarrhoea was summer diarrhoea, and not cholera.

Malta 1849 On duty with his regiment.

Malta May 1850 Became surgeon 44th following the amalgamation of the 44th with the Reserve Bn 44th Regiment.

Malta 27 Nov 1850 Absent from Malta on private affairs.

Malta 8 Jan 1851 Rejoined his regiment from leave.

Malta 25 Mar 1851 Left for Gibraltar.

27 Feb 1852 Staff Surgeon 2nd Class.


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