Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Peach George

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Assistant Surgeon George Peach
30 June 1778 [Leicestershire] – 21 July 1856 [Blandford Dorset]

Service Record — George Peach

7 Oct 1799 Hospital Mate.

4 Apr 1800 Assistant Surgeon 35th (Dorsetshire) Regiment of Foot.
Embarked on the Downs on a Secret Expedition under Lt Gen Henry Pigot to Minorca and Malta.

Malta 4 Apr 1800 The 2nd/35th Foot reinforced the 30th and the 89th Foot in the blockade of the French garrison which the Maltese insurgents had besieged since Sept 1798.
Present at the blockade and reduction of the island.

Malta 1801 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/35th Foot.

Malta Nov 1802 Ordered home in consequence of the reduction of the army following the cessation of hostilities with France.

11 Apr 1803 Assistant Surgeon Royal Horse Guards.

Malta 14 Apr 1803 Left for England.

15 Aug 1803 Surgeon 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot.

26 Nov 1803 Received his first payment of £43 4s 6d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured in Malta on 4 September 1800. This was equivalent to that paid out to a lieutenant and ensign in the infantry.

9 Nov 1804 Received his second payment of £14 1s 0d in prize money from the proceeds of the property captured on the island of Malta on 4 September 1800.

1807 Served at Copenhagen.

Served in the Peninsular War.

15 Aug 1809 Surgeon 9th Dragoons.

1809 Served at Walcheren.

16 Feb 1815 Retired to half-pay.

1816 Married in Mapperton Dorset.