Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Miller Ebenezer

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632 Assistant Surgeon Ebenezer Miller
LRCS (Ed 1857) MD
12 Oct 1835 [Wakefield Yorkshire] – ?

Service Record — Ebenezer Miller

22 Jan 1858 Commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Staff Assistant Surgeon Edward Parsick Harris, who was appointed Assistant Surgeon Royal Artillery on 17 November 1857. Harris died at Northampton on 28 December 1857.

23 Mar 1858 Appointed Assistant Surgeon 2nd/4th The King's Own Regiment.

Malta 4 June 1864 Arrived from Corfu.

Malta 10 Nov 1865 Resigned his commission after 8 years' full pay service. The vacancy in the 4th Regiment was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon William Creyk MB.

1881 At St Jacobs Madison County, Illinois.