David Bruce Naval Hospital Mtarfa

Regimental Surgeons of the Malta Garrison
McNeece John Moore

Assistant Surgeon John Moore McNeece
? – ?

The Crimea

Map of the South of the Crimea.


Siege of Sebastopol.

28 Apr 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon. At the Depot Battalion, Walmer.

6 Oct 1854 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

8 June 1855 Assistant Surgeon 71st (Highland) Light Infantry.

Served in the Crimean War. Was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol.

Malta 29 June 1856 Arrived from the Crimea.

Malta 9 Aug 1856 Left for England.

11 Dec 1857 Resigned his commission. The resultant vacancy in 71st Foot was filled by the promotion of Staff Assistant Surgeon William Pirrie.


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