Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Mattei S F

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Surgeon-Lieutenant S F Mattei MD

Service Record — S F Mattei

Malta 1 July 1931 Appointed Surgeon-Lieutenant King's Own Malta Regiment.

Malta 1932 Surgeon-Lieutenant 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1 July 1933 Surgeon-Lieutenant 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1934 Surgeon-Lieutenant 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1935 Surgeon-Lieutenant 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1 July 1936 Promoted Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1937 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1938 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1939 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 26 Mar 1940 Struck off the strength of the Military Families Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 17 Apr 1940 Officer-in-charge Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) St Paul's Bay at Villino Chapelle.

30 Apr 1940 Lt J C Lees RAMC was posted to ADS St Paul's Bay at Villino Chapelle vice Surgeon Captain S F Mattei who was on the sick list. On 30 April 1940, Surgeon Captain S F Mattei fell ill and was admitted to General Hospital Mtarfa and Lt J C Lees took over ADS St Paul's in his absence. Resumed duty as medical officer in charge ADS St Paul's on 10 May.

Malta 19 June 1940 The ADS moved from Villino Chappelle St Paul's Bay to San Pawl Tat Targa. Surgeon Captain Mattei remained in charge.

Malta 31 July 1940 Posted on temporary duty to Mtarfa General Hospital (Families Division).

31 July 1940 Surg Capt Mattei handed over the medical charge of ADS San Pawl Tat Targa to Captain Baxter and took over medical charge of the Married Families Hospital vice Major Parry on temporary duty.

19 Aug 1940 On 19 August, Major Douglas Neville Parry was appointed officer-in-charge Families Division, and Mattei resumed his post at o/ic ADS San Pawl Tat Targa.

6 Sept 1940 S/Capt Mattei took over the Mellieha Sector while Surg/Lt J J Sammut went on leave.

10 Sept 1940 Surg/Lt J J Sammut took over the ADS San Pawl Tat Targa while S/Capt Mattei went on leave.

Malta 1941 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

28 Jan 1941 ADS San Pawl tat targa taken over from S/Capt S F Mattei by Captain James Baxter RAMC who became officer in charge ADS San Pawl Tat Targa. S/Capt S F Mattei left for duty at Mtarfa.

31 Jan 1941 Surgeon Captain 1st/KOMR HQ Coy Mellieha.

Malta 1942 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 8 Aug 1943 Surgeon-Captain 3rd/KOMR. Took over medical charge of Medical Inspection Room Tarxien on behalf of 15th Ind Bde Gp Fld Amb.

Malta 26 to 28 Apr 1943 On the strength of 161st (EA) Fld Amb. Attended a course of Sanitation and Hygiene run by No 57 Fld Hygiene Section.

Malta 1944 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 17 Aug 1945 Surgeon-Major. Attached to 30 Coy RAMC.
On the departure of Major G Maizels RAMC, took over the duties of o/ic Military Families Hospital.

Malta 1946 Surgeon-Major 1st/KOMR attached to No 30 Coy RAMC for Area Duties under SMO Malta Force.

Malta 1947 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1948 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1949 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1950 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1951 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1952 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Malta 1953 Surgeon-Captain 1st/KOMR.

Appears in Army List for April, but no longer appears in the Army List of August 1953.


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