Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Keoghoe William

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Assistant Surgeon Keoghoe William
? – 1 Nov 1828

Service Record — Keoghoe William

3 Aug 1809 Hospital Mate for General Service.

1809 Served in Walcheren.

22 Feb 1810 Assistant Surgeon 35th (Sussex) Regiment of Foot.

18 June 1815 Served with the 35th Foot as part of the Reserve Force at Hal. Although the regiment did not take part in the battle, the men were awarded the Waterloo Medal.

Malta June 1816 Arrived at Malta.

Malta 27 May 1817 On leave on private affairs till 27 Nov 1817.

5 July 1821 Reduced to half-pay.

25 Oct 1823 Assistant Surgeon 1st Royal Veteran Battalion.

1825 Retired to half-pay on disbandment of the regiment.


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