David Bruce Naval Hospital Mtarfa

Regimental Surgeons of the Malta Garrison
Kemlo William

Surgeon William Kemlo MD (Edin 1819)
? – 10 Mar 1840 [Barbados]

12 May 1815 Hospital Assistant.

1819 MD Edinburgh. His theses written in Latin was on: Dissertatio medica inauguralis de mensibus et amenorrhoea.

20 Jan 1825 Assistant Surgeon 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot.

3 Nov 1837 Promoted Surgeon 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot, vice Surgeon John Foster, who became Surgeon 73rd Foot on the death of Surgeon George Martin at Corfu on 23 Sept 1837. The vacancy in 59th Foot was filled by Staff Assistant Surgeon Frederic Roberts.

Malta 1838 Replaced Surgeon John Foster, but had not yet joined his regiment.

22 May 1840 The vacancy left by the demise of Surgeon William Kemlo was filled by the promotion of Assistant Surgeon John Maharg 70th Foot. Consequently, Staff Assistant Surgeon James Walker Chambers became Assistant Surgeon 70th Foot vice Mahrag, and Gentleman Robert Carew Anderson was commissioned Staff Assistant Surgeon vice Chambers.


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