David Bruce Naval Hospital Mtarfa

Regimental Surgeons of the Malta Garrison
Harvey William

Assistant Surgeon William Harvey
? – 1 Aug 1853 [Cawnpore]

28 Mar 1834 Assistant Surgeon 94th Regiment of Foot.

Malta 30 Apr 1834 Joined his regiment in Malta.

15 Dec 1834 Returned to England.

20 Feb 1835 Appointed assistant surgeon 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment vice James Murray Drysdale who replaced Staff Assistant Surgeon David Ewing. Ewing became assistant surgeon Rifle Brigade on the resignation of Assistant Surgeon William Woodforde.

30 July 1844 Surgeon 2nd (Queen's Royal) Regiment of Foot.

22 Dec 1848 Surgeon 70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot.

1 Aug 1853 Killed in the Indian Mutiny.


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