Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Davies Daniel Owen

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Assistant Surgeon Daniel Owen Davies
1 Feb 1788 – ?

Service Record — Daniel Owen Davies

20 Apr 1810 Hospital Mate.

25 Mar 1813 Assistant Surgeon 14th Dragoons.

25 July 1819 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

27 Mar 1823–12 May 1828 Served at Malta and the Ionian Islands.

Malta 27 Mar 1823 Arrived at Malta.

May–Oct 1823 In joint charge of the Ophthalmia Hospital with Staff Surgeon Tully James Dillon. The convalescents were sent to Fort Ricasoli for a change of air.

Malta Nov 1823 Exchanged from Staff to Regimental Assistant Surgeon 18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment, as their regimental surgeon, James Burns, was too ill to look after the regiment, and the assistant surgeon John Richardson 18th Foot, had returned to England on 23 July 1823.

Malta 1824 Served in the Ionian Islands till 12 May 1828.

1825 Assistant Surgeon 18th Foot.

1826 Served in the Ionian Islands.

1827 Served in the Ionian Islands.

1828 Served in the Ionian Islands till 12 May 1828.

26 Oct 1830 Promoted Surgeon 18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot vice Assistant Surgeon William Lindsay who died on 21 Sept 1830.

14 Oct 1836 Retired to half-pay.
Returned to practice in his native Llangrandog, Cardiganshire.