Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Comerford Henry

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1169 Surgeon Major Henry Comerford MB (Univ Dubl)
9 Feb 1844 [Galway] – 15 May 1905 [London]


Surgeon Henry Comerford RAMC served in the South African War (1879) and the Zulu Campaign. He took part in the Battle of Ulundi, the Transvaal Campaign and was present in the defence of Pretoria where he was mentioned in dispatches.

One of his publications was an article entitled Rupture of the Torcular Herophili which appeared in the AMD report for 1882 (vol xxiv).

He retired from the services on 17 May 1902. He died on 15 May 1905, aged 61 years.

Service Record — Henry Comerford

31 Mar 1866 Staff Assistant Surgeon.

1866 – 1869 Served in Canada.

1870 Served in Penally, Pembrokeshire.

1870 Served in Bengal.

9 Sept 1871 Assistant Surgeon 2nd/1st The Royal Scots.

Apr 1873 Moved to Staff Bengal from 2nd/1st Foot.

1 Mar 1873 Promoted Surgeon.

1874 – 1875 Served in Bengal.

1876 – 1878 Moved to Aldershot from Bengal.

31 Mar 1878 Promoted Surgeon-Major.

Jan 1879 – 1882 Moved to the Cape of Good Hope. Served in the Zulu War; was at the Battle of Ulundi.

1881 Served in the First Boer War. Took part in the defence of Pretoria.

Malta 3 Apr 1882 Disembarked at Malta from the Cape of Good Hope, from where he had departed on 22 February 1882.

11 Apr 1882 Left Malta for the West Indies.

Served at Bermuda, where he was presented with a golden scarf pin by the German Emperor for services rendered to the sailors of a German barque.

Aug 1882 Returned to Gravesend.

31 Mar 1886 Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel.

5 Apr 1892 Promoted Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel vice Francis Henry Welch promoted Surgeon-Colonel.

6 July 1896 Surgeon-Colonel.

17 May 1902 Retired.


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