Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Bramley Joseph Mountford

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Assistant Surgeon Joseph Mountford Bramley MRCS (1825)
16 Apr 1803 [London] – 19 Jan 1837 [Calcutta]

Service Record — Joseph Mountford Bramley

24 Nov 1825 Appointed Hospital Assistant to the Forces vice Andrew Smith promoted to 98th Foot. Andrew Smith was the Director General of the Army Medical Department during the Crimean War.

5 Jan 1826 Appointed Assistant Surgeon Rifle Brigade.

Malta 12 Jan 1826 Arrived from England with his regiment.

Malta 1827 On regimental duty.

Malta 1828 On regimental duty.

11 June 1829 Resigned his commission. The vacancy of Assistant Surgeon 2nd/Rifle Bde was filled by Assistant Surgeon William Henry Fryer 46th Regiment.

29 Aug 1829 Assistant Surgeon The Honourable East India Company Service - Bengal Medical Establishment.

20 Apr 1830–6 Oct 1830 Assistant Surgeon the Governor General's Body Guard.1

6 Oct 1830 In medical charge of the Residency at Katmandu, where in 1832, he studied the use of iodine in the treatment of goitre in Nepal.2

Author: Some account of the bronchocele, or goitre of Nepal, and of the Cis and Trans-Himalayan regions, Trans Med Physical Soc, Calcutta, 1833, 6: p 181-264.

28 Jan 1835 Appointed the First Principal of The Medical College of Calcutta.3

19 Jan 1837 Died in Calcutta. Buried in the North Park Street Cemetery, Calcutta. A memorial tablet was erected in the theatre of the Medical College of Calcutta:

In memory of Mountford Joseph Bramley, late Principal of the Medical College of Calcutta, this tablet is erected by his grateful pupils to record their sense of the zeal and ability with which he watched over their private interests and those of their country, and the courtesy and kindness with which he won their affections, which improved their minds.1

12 June 1859 Death of his widow Harriett Charlotte Bramley who was interred in St Cuthbert's Church Kirkleatham, North Yorkshire.


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