Regiments of the Malta Garrison
90th (Perthshire Volunteers-Light Infantry)

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The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)


The 90th Regiment was raised in 1759, but disbanded in 1763. It was reformed in 1794 by Colonel Thomas Graham during the French Revolutionary War (1792–1802). In December 1794 the 1st/90th Regiment of Foot trained in the Light Infantry role.

Prior to 1815, the 90th Foot was known as the 90th Perthshire Volunteers. In 1815 it absorbed the Perthshire Volunteers to become The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry) Regiment.

On 1 July 1881, The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry) Regiment amalgamated with The 26th (The Cameronians) Regiment of Foot to form the Second Battalion of The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

1801 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

9 Oct 1801 The 90th arrived from Egypt. It marched to Fort Manoel and formed part of the Malta garrison.

1 Nov Total Officers and Men: 767, Sick: 29, Rank and File Fit for Duty: 626.

1802 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry) (Graham's Regiment)

1 Jan 1802 Strength: 24 Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 75 NCOs, 570 rank and file fit for duty, 79 rank and file sick, 761 total officers and men, 712 establishment.

25 Feb The 90th embarked for England.

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

1820 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

27 Oct 1820 A detachment of 175 men arrived at Malta on the transport Aurora. The rest arrived on 5 December 1820. Ophthalmia prevailed to a considerable extent a short time before the troops had sailed from England.

The following were baptised in 1820:

  • 17 Dec Sarah Meek daughter of Pte Thomas Meek and Bridget, born on 30 November 1820.
  • 24 Dec John Stafford son of Pte James Stafford and Elizabeth, born on 19 December 1820.
  • 24 Dec James Aldred son of Pte James Aldred and Mary, born on 18 December 1820. He was publicly received into the church on 31 Dec 1820.
  • 31 Dec Phoebe Nautilus Nicholls daughter of Pte Joseph Nicholls and Hannah, born on 6 November 1820.

1821 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

25 Oct 1821 A Division of the 90th Regiment embarked for Corfu on the Clasman transport. On 30 October, the remainder of the 90th embarked on board the Star transport for Zante.

The following were baptised in 1821:

  • 14 Jan James Price son of Bugler William Price and Jane, born on 17 December 1820.
  • 8 Apr Martha Marsden daughter of Sgt John Marsden and Charlotte, born on 27 March 1821.
  • 15 Apr Elizabeth Knight daughter of Lt Edward Knight and Susan, born on 7 April.
  • 24 Apr Mary Anne Sylvester daughter of Pte Joseph Sylvester and Sarah, born on 24 April 1821.
  • 6 May Edward Foster son of Cpl Edward Foster and Anne, born on 23 April.
  • 31 May Jane Sophia Barr daughter of QM Sgt Joseph Barr and Jane, born on 18 May.
  • 3 June Mary Anne Price daughter of Cpl William Price and Margaret, born on 22 May 1821.
  • 13 June George Price son of Cpl James Price and Jane, born on 6 June and publicly received into the church on 17 June 1821.
  • 17 June Mary Georgina Webb daughter of Pte George Webb and Elizabeth, born on 17 June.
  • 29 July Mary Anne Landon daughter of Pte John Landon and Anne, born on 22 July 1821.
  • 27 Aug Elizabeth Whittle daughter of Pte Robert Whittle and Sarah, born on 19 August. She was baptised privately and publicly received into the church on 23 September 1821.
  • 9 Sep William Frederick Stevenson son of Pte William Stevenson and Elizabeth, born on 22 August 1821.
  • 16 Sep William Hutchison son of Pte Thomas Hutchison and Mary, born on 7 September 1821.
  • 12 Oct William Hall son of Pte John Hall and Eliza, born on 1 October.
  • 14 Oct George Harley son of Sgt Thomas Harley and Charlotte, born on 13 October 1813 and privately baptised at Plymouth Dock.
  • 14 Oct Anne Harley daughter of Sgt Thomas Harley and Charlotte, born on 3 October 1821.
  • 18 Oct Charles Henry Maitland son of QM Peter Maitland and Elizabeth, born on 13 August 1821.
  • 28 Oct Mary Haffey Alison daughter of Paymaster Harry Alison and Frances, born on 20 April.

Apr 1821 Pte Michael Burns, 30 years. was admitted to the Ophthalmia Hospital in the General Hospital Valletta with impaired vision. In 1813, he had been an inpatient in Limerick Hospital for seven months and should have been discharged from the service as unfit. He had a nebulous and prominent right cornea with an invisible pupil. His left cornea was also nebulous and his pupil obscured.

1822 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

17 Feb 1822 Baptism of Matilda Aldred daughter of Pte James Aldred and Mary, born on 1 February 1822.

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

1830 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

24 Dec 1830 233 men, 14 women and 43 children of the 90th Foot arrived from the Ionian Islands.

1831 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

Jan 1831 The 90th embarked for England.

7 Feb Baptism of Elizabeth Rolston daughter of Pte John Rolston and Ellenor, born on 31 January 1831.

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

1855 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

14 Dec 1855 The 90th Light Infantry arrived from England.

The following were buried in 1855:

  • 15 Mar Pte Charles Moseley aged 22 years.
  • 1 May Lt Charles Henry Sidney Raith 90th Light Infantry aged 18 years. He had disembarked in Malta as an invalid from the Crimea.
  • 22 Sep Pte George Jones aged 28 years.

1856 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry)

The 90th (Perthshire Volunteers – Light Infantry) served in the Crimean War (1854–56) where it fought at Balaclava (1854) and Sevastopol (1854 – 55).


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