Regiments of the Malta Garrison
58th (Rutlandshire)

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The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

The 58th Regiment of Foot was raised in 1755 as the 60th Foot. The following year it was re-numbered 58th Foot when the 50th and 51st Regiments were disbanded.

In 1782 the regiment was given its county association with Rutlandshire to become The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot.

On 1 July 1881, The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment merged with the 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot to form The Northamptonshire Regiment.

The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

1801 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

Sick Returns 58th Regiment – November 1801
Date Rank and File
Fit for Duty
Sick Total
Officers and Men
Table 1: Sick Returns 58th Regiment – November 1801
1 November 1801 350 50 572

1805 1st/58th (Rutlandshire) ( Scotts Regiment)

1 July 1805 The 1st/58th Regiment arrived from England as part of Sir James Craig's expedition to secure Sicily.
Strength: 39 Commissioned and Warrant Officers, 76 NCOs, 896 rank and file fit for duty, 4 rank and file sick, 1016 total officers and men, 1116 establishment.

Malta 14 Aug Strength: 859 men of whom 37 were sick.

Malta 3 Nov 1805 The 1st/58th Regiment left on Sir John Craig's Expedition to Naples.

The 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment

1856 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

30 May 1856 The 1st/58th sailed from Balaclava on the steamship Robert Lowe. It arrived at Malta on 10 June 1856. The men were placed under canvas at St George's Rifle Range. They were later transferred to barracks and huts at Fort Manoel where they suffered badly from Malta Fever.

1857 1st/58th (Rutlandshire)

Malta 1 Jan 1857 Severe gales destroyed the huts on the glacis of Fort Manoel so that the troops had to be moved to the Lazaretto.1


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