Regiments of the Malta Garrison
The Devonshire Regiment

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The Devonshire Regiment


The Devonshire Regiment was raised in 1685 by the Duke of Beaufort for the suppression of the Monmouth Rebellion.

It was numbered 11th Foot in 1747, to which North Devonshire was added in 1782.

On 1 July 1881, the 11th (North Devonshire) Regiment became the Devonshire Regiment.

On 17th July 1958, The Devonshire Regiment merged with The Dorset Regiment, to form The Devon and Dorset Regiment.

The 1st/The Devonshire Regiment

1927 1st/Devonshire

Oct 1927 The 1st/Devonshire arrived at Malta.

1928 1st/Devonshire

1 Jan 1928 Strength: 9 officers and 808 men.

1 July Strength: 26 officers and 820 men.

1929 1st/Devonshire

1 Jan 1929 Strength: 27 officers and 841 men.

1 Oct Strength: 27 officers and 882 men.

1929 The 1st/Devonshire Regiment embarked for Quetta.

The 2nd/The Devonshire Regiment

1909 2nd/Devonshire

28 July 1909 The 2nd/Devonshire Regiment arrived from Crete on the Rameses.

1910 2nd/Devonshire

1911 2nd/Devonshire

1912 2nd/Devonshire

18 Jan 1912 The 2nd/Devonshire Regiment embarked for Alexandria on the Rewa, arriving there on 21 January.

The 2nd/The Devonshire Regiment

1938 2nd/Devonshire

July 1938 The 2nd/Devonshire Regiment arrived at Malta.

1939 2nd/Devonshire

30 June 1939 27 officers and 323 men formed a reserve in readiness at Attard.

1940 2nd/Devonshire

23 Jan 1940 2nd/Devonshire Regiment marched into St Andrews Barracks and handed over St George's Barracks and Ta' Qali to 2nd/Royal West Kent Regiment.

10 June Took over Marsaxlokk Defence Sector and all Passive Air Defence (PAD) responsibilities from 2nd/Royal West Kent Regiment. The battalion also took over the gymnasium and the garages at St Andrews Barracks.

Together with A Coy 2/KOMR, it was responsible for co-ordinating with the defence plans of RAF Station Kalafrana and patrolling the boom at Wied Is Shakka (GR 5015). The landing places on the SW coast were guarded by 2/KOMR.

10 June A Carrier Plt of 2/Devon together with a Coy 8/Manch defended the landing ground at Hal Far RAF Station.

13 June During the air raid of 13 June, two casualties from 1st/Devonshire Regiment were treated at ADS Tarxien and evacuated to Mtarfa hospital. No 7342748 Pte John Henry Slade and No 5615850 Pte Henry William James Kite were killed.

30 June Strength: 24 officers and 670 men.

29 July On 29 July, No 5619974 Pte John Henry Foote D Coy 2nd/Devonshire Regiment was accidentally shot by a private who was cleaning his rifle.

18 Dec 1940 Villa Cecy in Tarxien was handed over to 2nd/Devonshire Regiment.

1941 2nd/Devonshire

30 June 1941 Strength: 30 officers and 934 men.

1942 2nd/Devonshire

1943 2nd/Devonshire

1943 The 2nd/Devonshire left Malta for Egypt in preparation for the invasion of Sicily.


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