Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Parry Douglas Neville

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75587 Major Douglas Neville Parry
9 Aug 1909 – ?

Service Record — Douglas Neville Parry

1 May 1938 Appointed Lieutenant on probation. Confirmed in post in December 1938.

1 May 1939 Promoted Captain RAMC.

Malta 6 Apr 1939 Arrived from England.

23 Jan 1940 Promoted Acting Major RAMC and Temporary Major on 23 April 1940.

Mar 1940Officer in Charge of Military Families Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 1 Aug 1940 Posted to Advanced Dressing Station (ADS) San Pawl Tat Targa for temporary duty.

31 July 1940 S/Capt Mattei handed over the medical charge of ADS San Pawl Tat Targa to Captain Baxter and took over medical charge of the Married Families Hospital vice Major Parry.

Malta 19 Aug 1940 Rejoined General Hospital Mtarfa for duty as Officer-in-charge Families Division vice Surgeon Captain S F Mattei KOMR who resumed command of ADS San Pawl Tat Targa.

Malta 8 Oct 1940 Admitted to General Hospital Mtarfa. In his absence Capt J E Elliott became officer-in-charge Families Division.

Malta 17 Oct 1940 Discharged from hospital.

Malta July 1941 Gynaecological Specialist. Officer-in-charge Families Division No 90 General Hospital.

Malta 1942 Officer-in-charge Families Division.

Malta 17 Apr 1943 On 14 April, handed over documents, medicines, instruments of the Military Families Hospital to Captain G Maizels, and left for the Middle East.

May 1945 Captain Douglas Neville Parry retired on account of disability and was granted the honorary rank of Major.