Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Molyneaux John Joseph

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Captain John Joseph Molyneaux MB
26 Feb 1891 – ?

Service Record — John Joseph Molyneaux

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

1 Jan 1915 Lieutenant Special Reserve.

2 Jan 1915 Mobilised.

2 July 1915 Captain.

1915–1916 Served in West Africa.

1916–1918 Served in Mesopotamia.

Malta 1917 On duty at Malta.

11 Mar 1917 Colonial Office letter reference women and children travelling through danger zones, mentions Mrs Molyneux whose husband was serving in Malta but now invalided to England1.

1918–1919 Served in South Africa.

1 Aug 1919 Captain Permanent Regular Commission.

13 May 1920 Reduced to half-pay due to ill health.

1 Aug 1919 Acting Major.

13 May 1925 Retired due to ill health.


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