Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
McCall William Graeme Denroche

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Lieutenant William Graeme Denroche McCall MC (1918)
3 June 1890 [Coachford Co Cork] – 9 Aug 1928 [India]

Service Record — William Graeme Denroche McCall

28 July 1914 Start of the Great War.

4 Aug 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.

2 Aug 1915 Temporary Commission Lieutenant RAMC.

Malta 1 Oct 1915 Arrived from England.

Malta 3 June 1916 Left for Salonica.

Malta 26 Sept 1916 Returned from Salonica.

Malta 11 Oct 1916 Returned to England.

2 Aug 1916 Captain RAMC.

1917–1919 Served in France and Germany.

26 July 1918 Awarded the Military Cross.

15 Oct 1918 Awarded a bar to his Military Cross.

When the enemy put down a heavy barrage, causing many casualties in his own and other units, he arranged for the collection of wounded, and attended them with the greatest coolness in the open, which necessitated his remaining in the-barrage. Throughout the operations his energy and devotion to duty were admirable.

1 July 1919 Permanent Regular Army Commission Captain RAMC.

1919–1923 Served in Egypt.

1923–1924 Served in Palestine.

2 Aug 1927 Major RAMC.

9 Aug 1928 Died while on service in India.


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