Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Mawby Norman Earl

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181431 Lieutenant Norman Earl Mawby
1 Apr 1912 – 28 Nov 2013


Lt Norman Earl Mawby was educated at Birkenhead School and University of Liverpool qualifying as a doctor in 1936. He entered General Practice at Beaumaris, Anglesey.

Service Record — Norman Earl Mawby

Malta July 1941 Disembarked at Malta.

Malta 29 Mar 1942 Attached to 161st (East Anglian) Fld Amb from 1st/Durham Light Infantry.

Malta 18 Apr 1942 Promoted War Service/Captain.

Malta 1 June 1942 Posted to 161st (EA) Fld Amb from attached strength.

Malta 3 Dec 1942 MO/ic Advanced Dressing Station Luqa. Moved to Main Dressing Station Hamrun.

Malta 9 Nov 1942 MO/ic Medical Aid Post Mifsud's Verandah Bonded Street Wharf (GR 469241). While on temporary duty with MAP Mifsud's Verandah, Surgeon-Captain Ferrante H A took medical charge of MAP Zurrieq.

Malta 10 Jan 1943 Moved to Main Dressing Station Hamrun in preparation for the arrival of a convoy carrying fuel and food on 11 January 1943.

Malta 21 Feb 1943 Appointed Embarkation Medical Officer.

Malta 20 June 1943 Attached to Medical Directorate.

Malta 7 Aug 1943 Posted from 161st (EA) Ind Bde Gp Fld Amb to 15th Independent Brigade Group Field Ambulance.

Malta 9 Aug 1943 Posted to 15th Ind Bde Gp Fld Amb.

Malta 10 Oct 1943 Posted to 39 General Hospital.

Malta 20 Oct 1943 Posted to 30 Coy RAMC, surplus to establishment. Performed area duties under SMO Malta.

Malta 1 Apr 1944 Posted from 30 Coy RAMC.

On demobilisation, resumed medical practice at West Kirby, Wirral.


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  • Obituary The Telegraph 20 December 2013.