Medical Officers of the Malta Garrison
Jennings B C

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63819 Captain (T/Major) B C Jennings RAMC (TA)

Service Record — B C Jennings RAMC (TA)

Malta 30 Sept 1940 Arrived from England. Attached to General Hospital Mtarfa.

Malta 10 Oct 1940 Captain B C Jennings took over command of ADS Tarxien from Captain P E R B Unwin RAMC.

Malta 28 Oct 1940 Half of Zejtun School which was in use as MAP was handed over to Southern Brigade to house troops. Medical officer in charge ADS Zejtun.

Malta 18 Dec 1940 Handed ove ADS Tarxien to Captain S G F Edwards and move to Floriana. Mo/ic ADS Floriana while Major Keatinge was away for the month.

30 Nov 1940 The Malta garrison had increased to 16000 troops, excluding naval and air force personnel. On 29 November 1940, the War Office sanctioned a Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services (DADMS) HQ Malta Command with the rank of Major. DDMS Colonel John Smith McCombe chose Major A F H Keatinge as his DADMS. Captain B C Jennings RAMC (T) took over the role of SMO Area East from Major A F H Keatinge and was granted the rank of Major. Moved to Floriana from ADS Tarxien in Dec 1940.

Malta 31 Jan 1941 Officer Commanding Convalescent Depôt St Paul's Barracks.

The Convalescent Depôt opened on 17 March 1941, and was located in ten Barrack Huts at St Paul's Barracks. The Depôt was established as an Independent Medical Unit, administered for fuel and rations only by the unit holding Pembroke Sector (2nd/Royal Irish Fusiliers).

Malta 29 Nov 1941 Organised the relocation of the Convalescent Depôt from St Pauls' Hutments, which were taken over by 39 General Hospital, to 17 houses in Paceville. By 30 Nov 1941, 655 convalescents had passed through the Depôt.

Malta 1942 Officer Commanding Convalescent Depôt Paceville.

Malta 1943 Officer Commanding Convalescent Depôt Ghajn Tuffieha.

Malta 22 Feb 1943 Command Convalescent Depôt moved into tentage erected on the Rifle Range Ghajn Tuffieha Camp.

Malta 17 June 1943 Command of the Convalescent Depôt passed on to T/Major J Amos RAMC.

Malta 2 July 1943 Posted to 90 General Hospital from Command Convalescent Depôt.

Malta 7 Aug 1943 The Convalescent Depôt moved into the camp vacated by 33 General Hospital Ghajn Tuffieha.

Aug 1943 Attached to No 2 Basuto Section Hospital.

Malta 6 Oct 1943 Attached to No 2 Basuto Section Hospital.